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    Add following script once per page plus single or multiple Embed code:-

    Pro Widget 1

    A2Z Widget
    Embed code below:-

    Pro Widget 2

    Brand Carousal Widget
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    Pro Widget 3

    Brand Thumbnail Widget
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    $ 7.99 /Mo.

    • Automatic Brand Page
    • Multiple Layouts
    • Automap to collections
    • Featured Brands
    • Brand Logos


    $ 9.99 /Mo.

    • Automatic Brand Page
    • Multiple Layouts
    • Automap to collections
    • Featured Brands
    • Brand Logos

    Live stores who love using our app


    1. Install app

    (Please note a new page called 'Brands' is created under Online store>pages)

    You can view the brand page created by our app via the following links:


    (if you have already created a brand page before installing the app, a page brands-1 handle will be created. You can swap them around later by editing the page handle.)

    2. In your Shopify admin panel, go to Online Store>Navigation

    3. In your main navigation add a new menu item (Call it Brands).

    4. Link the new menu item to your Brand page

    5. Save your menu.

    Accessing App

    In your Shopify admin, Navigate to Apps > Brand Page

    Click on the app to open the app settings to view and manage your brands

    We offer support for installations and any help you may need using Brand Page. Simply get in touch.

    If your store has only a few brands, add the below code in the custom CSS field in the app settings and click submit.

    .brandPage_Root {
        width: 200px;

    Auto Map to Collections

    This feature will automatically link brand names to your collections if the collection handle is matching the vendor handle.

    Please ensure you refresh brands by clicking on the refresh button before using the Auto Map to Collection Feature.

    Layout options

    Choose between Vertical (default) or Horizontal layouts.

    About Aperitive

    Aperitive is a web agency specializing in Shopify design/development and Shopify apps. If you have any custom app requirements please contact us.